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Hoy no soy un héroe

Como madre no quisiera que mis hijo estén en una clase diferente o tener que ser parte de la reunión IEP una vez al año por cada uno de mis hijos. Pero reacciono y digo son mis hijos y en mis ojos son perfectos y como madre siempre haré lo posible de mi parte para que reciban la apropiada ayuda y educación que ellos merecen. 


Mi trabajo en INCLUYEnyc: el puente que nos une

Y es que seamos honestos, en nuestros países las prioridades son otras y la educación especial, no está entre las 10 primeras. Por eso es que no sabemos ni siquiera que podemos pedir ayuda.


My son is a quasi-obnoxious tween. And I’m thrilled about it.

This past weekend, my family attended my two nieces’ joint Bat Mitzvah. I was nervous as heck leading up to it.


Breakfast of champions

Small steps of progress are everything in our house. Sooo proud of this guy!



A guest blog by Katherine Cooksey.

“Katherine, the world is not going to accommodate you, so why should I? You are never going to be able to graduate from college or get a job if you require these special accommodations to learn.”

That was the moment I had to make a choice. I could once again listen to this person who did not know me or what I could do, and give up on my life’s goals.

Or, I could fight.

I chose to fight.


Happy birthday, Mom

Sometimes the hardest parts are accepting who you are, accepting your situation, and accepting help.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I still wonder “what if” (not as often though, as I know time is against us). But when my Mom smiles at me and her eyes light up, so does my heart.


Don’t Call Me Brave

I sat in the pediatric ICU waiting room. I’d just finished pumping. I called to check on my two-year-old daughter, and when I looked up from the phone my obstetrician was standing in front of me.

She asked after my health and that of my newborn son’s, and then put her hand on my shoulder and said, “You are so brave.”

I wanted to slap her.